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Important Advantages

Many small and medium-sized firms may need a knowledgeable IT-person who can look after the company’s need for choosing the right software, network system, computers and computer equipment etc. Someone who can also deal with problems as they arise, respond quickly to questions, and train your staff so that you get the most out of your investments. We can help you with all those things. 

During the 1980s, Tofte worked as ADB-manager for Konkurrensverket (The Swedish Competition Authority) and set up an efficient computerised system involving many different types of cost effective tasks and functions – such as planning various operations, security and maintenance, market research and negotiations. 

He is an economics graduate with ten year’s research experience and has worked as a consultant since 1994. He has also been employed as an IT teacher and system coordinator for Komvux in Norrtälje, which involved training and instructing others and work flexibly with both staff and over 800 students. Such work means that you quickly become an expert in the most popular software programmes such as Microsoft Office, bookkeeping, layout and website editing.


You can have tailor-made support to suit your own needs. Perhaps you need a fixed number of hours every week or month, or someone that you and your staff ”can always contact” when you need help?  You might need an expert who can help you with software such as Word, Excel, Access or similar so that you can develop your business? We can accommodate fixed contracts as well as occasional hours, according to your needs


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