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Word-stugan has become well known for its fluent and modern English, reasonable prices and efficient way of working. Sue is also an Associate Member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators, SFÖ (see their website:, which means that you can also be confident that her work is conducted professionally and ethically and is of a high standard. You can read more about Sue's background here.


Born and bred in England, not only does Sue have English as her mother tongue but is a published author in her own right. Sue believes that language is important, and is a sensitive and creative tool that can be adapted to different situations.

With a MSocSc in Curriculum Studies and experience of different texts and subjects, Sue is just the person to help you with translations from Swedish to fluent English.

Language Correction and Editing

It’s always important to check your English language before publishing an article or a book. Sue can help you to polish your text to fluent English, which means that you can be both confident and proud of your work. She also gives tips and feedback for improvements.

As a Swedish editor Tofte is also skilled in layout, so that you can have your text delivered in Word, Adobe InDesign, PageMaker or as a Pdf-file, and thus ready for publishing.

As Swedish and English native speakers, Tofte and Sue check each other’s translations. In this way you can be sure that word usage is correct and nuances are retained.



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