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Passionate about writing, I have participated in a distance-based creative writing course at Växjö University and in a “Writing the Spirit” workshop in England. These very different writing experiences have also resulted in me leading “Writing Inspired” workshops in a variety of different settings. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more about this.


In my work as an IT-pedagogue I offer tuition – at basic and advanced levels - in Microsoft’s operating system and Office-programme, SPCS software in financial administration and taxation, layout programmes such as PageMaker and InDesign as well as ‘virtual classroom’ communication platforms such as FirstClass. I also teach Business Economics and Administration. In addition, I have also taught educationalists how to plan and carry out distance and semi-distance learning courses.  


We always plan our courses/workshops on the basis of your needs and situation. We are also experienced in creating and setting up distance learning courses – computer-based learning via e-mail and communication platforms such as FirstClass.


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